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Rockford, IL

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Spruce up your home or business with a custom rug. Seams Right Flooring can provide a custom rug of any size, with almost any logo on it. Contact us to see how you can get a rug with your business logo or the logo of your favorite sports team.

  • Logos of all kinds

  • Business logos

  • Official logos

  • Recreational logos

Impress your customers with a unique entryway. A custom rug with your business logo on it is a great way to subtly promote your business every time someone walks through the door.

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Customize a Rug

Make a Great First Impression

Our word-of-mouth reputation of providing prompt, quality service is one we are proud of. We can also install carpeting for your custom stairway. Our experienced team can also provide dependable carpet installation, residential installations, and carpet repairs.

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